Siebertje Viersen Speaks


Siebertje Viersen was born in Driesum, Friesland, January 8, 1830. She lived a long life and died on August 25, 1910. She is buried in Oakwood Cemetery in Pella. The following narrative is taken from a talk she gave to the Pella Literary Society and which was later printed. The date was not given but is ascertained as being given in the early 1900s.

She prefaced her remarks with, "Our esteemed president referred to the dangers of riches but said he also believed that through my early training in the Holy Scriptures, those dangers were not hid from me. I would say, I know this to be so 'for riches not only take themselves wings but if riches do increase, do not set thine heart to them.' " She also told her audience that we "will not go very far astray in our estimation of worldly treasures who remembers Him who become poor so that we might be rich."

Siebertje apologizes for not having an "intellectual feast" or something cute and entertaining, but instead some diggings in rather old musty records for the edification of those attending.