Program of 2013 conference

19th biennial AADAS Conference, Central College Pella, Iowa,
Thursday 6-Saturday 8 June 2013

The Dutch-American Involvement in War: U.S. and Abroad

Session 1, Pella
9.00-10.15George Harinck, Opening
Eugene P. Heideman, Dominie Hendrik Peter Scholte: Estranged from his Colleagues
Emo Bos, Scholte’s Vision of the Relationship of Church and State
10.15-10.45Coffee Break
10.45-12.00Susan Price Miller, A Portrait of the Dutch Artist Gerhard Hendrik Nollen
Jaap van Marle, Pella"s Uniqueness
12.00-1.30 PMLunch
Session 2, Civil War
1.30-3.00Michael L. Swanson, From Wooden Shoes to Brogans: Klaas Zuidema and the American Civil War
Gerlof D. Homan, Abraham J. Muste: America"s Premier Pacifist
Janet Sjaarda Sheeres, A Dutch Colony as Casualty of the Civil War (Tennessee)

3.00-3.30Coffee Break
3.30-4.30Marten C.P. Rustenburg, Holland Boys in the Union Army: Johannes Van Lente, Johannes Douma
Douglas Firth Anderson, William Vandever, "of Holland, not of Sweedish descent": Presbyterian, Congressman, General
Ronald Rietveld, Title unknown


Session 3, World War I
9.30-10.30George Harinck, Abraham Kuyper on War and America’s Role in the World
Huug Vanden Dool, A Few Stories about Dutch-Americans and World War I
10.30-11.00Coffee Break
11.00-12.00Robert P. Schoone-Jongen, Loyalties in Conflict: Theodore F. Koch Confronts the First World War
James Dahm and Dorothy Van Kooten, Peoria, Iowa in WWI
12.00-1.30 PMLunch
Session 4, Miscellanea
1.30-3.00Babs Boter, "A Reflection of Holland Overseas": Mary Pos" visits to Dutch immigrant cultures in California and Michigan
Kenneth W. Bult, Why did South Holland resist urbanization?
Earl Wm. Kennedy, The Last "Christian Friend"? From Amsterdam to Pella: The Rise, Fall, and Restoration of the Maverick Rev. A. G. Zigeler (1833-1915)

3.00-3.30Coffee Break
Session 5, World War II
3.30-5.00Robert P. Swierenga, Holland and the Home Front
Bruce C. Bolinger, By Trial and Error: The Experience of a Dutch Escape Line in World War II
Cornelia B. Kennedy, "Packing underwear, cod liver oil, stockings..." Holland, Michigan, responds to Netherlands needs, 1945-1949

Session 5, World War II (continued)
9.00-10.00Donald Sinnema, One Soldier"s Experience of the Pacific War: The World War II Diaries of Sgt. Ernest Gerritsma, 1941-1945
Henry Aay, The Netherlands Information Bureau in the United States during World War II and its Aftermath
10.00-10.30Coffee Break
Session 6, Vietnam War
10.30-12.00Syl Gerritsma, The Moral Fog of War: Viet Nam through Cracked Reformed Glasses
David E. Zwart, Being Dutch American during the Vietnam War
President AADAS, Closure


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